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Cybersecurity solutions for the 21st Century

VEKTOR is a Philippines-based, 100% Filipino-owned cybersecurity company, providing DICT-recognized cybersecurity services.

VEKTOR’s cybersecurity consulting services are delivered by industry-hardened, experienced professionals dedicated to protecting the information assets of organizations ranging from small to large enterprises.

We are committed to building advanced cybersecurity capabilities to usher The Philippines into the 21st century.


At VEKTOR, we believe that cybersecurity is not just an IT problem, but a business problem.

When you think of it as impactful to the overall business, it opens up the possibilities of cybersecurity being many exciting things such as a profit center, or a business driver, or a competitive advantage.

Every client engagement is an opportunity for us to illustrate just how empowering cybersecurity can be for the business.

Fists in Solidarity


At VEKTOR, we only have one value: Integrity

We say what we mean and we mean what we say.  We trade simply on trust and earning the trust of our clients and partners is our prime objective.  This commitment means constantly striving for accurate estimates and accurate delivery of services.  Sometimes it even means having hard conversations and delivering bad news, but we believe that this dedication to integrity in all that we do ultimately translates to optimal business outcomes and wins for our clients and partners.

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